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Welcome to Squirrel Hunting Info

At SquirrelHunting Info, your personal squirrel hunting guide, we try to deliver the best possible advice in order to give the hunter a stronger chance of increasing the probability of success. It therefore makes sense to try and understand the animal, as well as is practically possible, in areas such as living, eating, mating etc. The most commonly hunted squirrels are the red and gray tree squirrels, who although cousins, have very different traits.
There are many varied squirrel hunting techniques, but above all else, patience is the recurring attribute required. With there being such a huge population of the little critters, finding squirrels is not as tricky as is sometimes the case with other game. However, because they are so rapid, it does take a good eye and just as importantly, a good ear. A collection of nut shells around the bottom of tree will give a strong indication of a squirrel's whereabouts, then it becomes a case of outsmarting the creature. This can be challenging, but basically they will move to the opposite side of a tree to where they think you are, so throwing a stick or stone around one side should bring them into view.
They may look cute, but they are a real nuisance and their numbers can reach alarming proportions, so hunting them, whilst a good sport, actually is a real assistance to the environment. Although there is not too much meat on them, many hunters do eat their catch. Being small, the squirrel doesn't offer a big target, but with a steady hand, a rifle shot will give a cleaner kill. Listening out for rustling of leaves, snapping twigs and branches, or scratching of the trees bark will identify the prey's location, as too will be the sound of falling nuts (squirrels sometimes lose some of their gatherings).

When it comes down to squirrel hunting tips, a professional squirrel hunter will highlight the tools of the trade, which apart from the actual firearm used, will also include a squirrel call - a small, easy to use device, that can imitate the barks and chatters of the squirrel, and trick them into revealing their location. Very often a squirrel will answer a call in a confused state. The recommended rifle would be the .22 or the .20 caliber, which ensures a clean kill.

Hunting for squirrels is a great sport, and for many a good starting animal, before moving on to some of the larger targets. If you remember to be patient and take care not to give away your position, you will usually attain the results you are after.