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Black Squirrel

Black squirrels are usually found in the south part of Ontario and Quebec. In United States there is a large number of black squirrels in Iowa and Kansas (which is known as the "Black Squirrel City"). Some populations of black squirrels can be found in Ohio as well, which descend from a pair that was brought in 1890.

In 1914 the black squirrel was introduced in Vancouver and since then they have spread throughout Vancouver - North Shore - Fraser Valley. They have also spread from Vancouver into the Washington State area.

Black squirrels also can be found in Europe: England has several black squirrel populations in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridge and other locations. Such animals have been found in the eastern area of Russia as well.

As you can see black squirrels can be found all around the world and their population is getting bigger and bigger by the day. These squirrels are actually grey squirrels with high levels of black melanin in their hair.

Black Squirrel Photos