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Grey Squirrel

The Eastern Grey Squirrel is native to the eastern & midwestern U.S and the eastern parts of Canada. Often, the grey squirrel is confused with the fox squirrel due to their similar appearance. This type of squirrel can also be found in Britain but, on the opposite side, in Ireland and Italy only a few grey squirrels have remained. Their size is between 16 and 20 inches and have a weight of approximately 1 1/2 pounds.

The squirrel has a grey fur with a reddish tinge sometimes. It has a white belly, with a large and bushy tail. Some grey squirrels are actually black (thus the name of black squirrels) and are likely to appear in urban areas, where the risk of predators is slightly reduced.

The grey squirrel is a scatter-hoarder due to the fact that it hoards meal in several small caches which they recover later. Such caches are retrieved in a couple of hours or a few days for replacing them in a more secure location.

Regarding their food, they eat acorns, beechnuts, walnuts, seeds, insects, fungi, fruits and on some occasions, bird eggs. When the summer ends, squirrels store nuts and seeds so that they have something to eat during the winter months when food can't be found easily.

Grey Squirrel Photos