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How To Build A Squirrel Trap

There are some quite sophisticated mechanisms that can be purchased from well known manufacturers, that will entice and subsequently detain an inquisitive squirrel, but these can prove to be quite expensive. Many people have taken the time to look into the how to make a squirrel trap subject and discovered that, with just a little bit of DIY and some creative thinking, there are several alternative designs that can be put together from basic household items.
The speed and agility of the little creatures always makes them tricky to catch, but with the right type of homemade squirrel trap, it is possible to confine them on a regular basis. The two main methods involve enclosing them in either a box or some piping, with each having their own merits, and both likely to encounter good success over a period of time. Construction of these versions will require the assistance of various tools and materials, but the great thing is 99% of them will be found either in the house, the garage, or the garden shed.

To adapt some piping into a secure squirrel trap will plainly need some pipework to begin with. Heater pipes are strongly recommended. Position over one of the ends some mesh screening, which should be firmly held in place by layers of duct tape. Just below the opposite end of the pipe, which is still open, a hole needs to be drilled and through this a nail has to be driven into wherever you decide to mount the trap, which might be a tree, or a post of some sort.
It then needs to be baited with corn, liberally sprinkled across the bottom to attract the critter. Once inside, they will quickly discover the error of their ways, as they try in vain to climb back out due to the narrow and slippery nature of the pipe. They will inevitably become extremely distressed and start making lots of sounds, thus alerting you of a successful capture.

With the boxed versions, they can either be created for the hunter to lie in wait, or modified so they can be left unsupervised. The first type really is quite rudimentary, requiring just a small box, held aloft by a stick, just high enough for the squirrel to squeeze under. Place some food under the box, and at the same time tie some string to the stick, then retreat to a hidden spot nearby, and just wait for the inquisitive little animal to take a look. As soon as it is fully underneath, pull the string and the box completely covers the squirrel. It is vital that the box is weighty enough to prevent the creature from forcing its way out.

The second way necessitates a little more handyman skills, with the box needing a sliding door to be made at one end. The door is wedged open and a notched stick is attached to a pole, which runs from the door to a hole made just before the back of the box. Place some bait to attract the squirrel and when it enters it will rub against the stick, collapsing the door and trapping the prey inside. The weight of the door must be sufficient to withstand the pressure which the squirrel will force upon it while attempting to escape the enclosure.

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