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Hunting Squirrels With A Bow

Consider by many a rather unusual hunting style, bow hunting squirrels can be a new and exciting hunting experience that you haven't lived before. It takes a lot of time and patience to bow hunt squirrels but it can be done if you read carefully the following instructions.
First you must find a spot that you know has a large squirrel population. They usually can be found in areas with lots of oak trees so first you should start looking for spots like those. Once you have find the right area, it is now time to start spot the squirrels but it can be a very difficult thing to do in thick brush. It is advisable to find skid roads to hunt rather than hunting in noisy ground ( but if you do it, walk as slowly as possible ). If you plan on hunting grey squirrels you must know that they are harder to hunt in comparison with other squirrels due to their quietness. The moment you have spotted a grey squirrel, you must make sure that the animal won't detect you so it is advisable to stand still for about two minutes.

When you feel that the squirrel has forgotten about the " unusual motion " it is recommended to slowly get in a crawling position and sneak as quietly as possible on the edge of the skid road ( or with perimeters of brush ) stopping every time the squirrel will stop to look around. Repeat this procedure until you will reach 35 yards or less away from the squirrel, this will be the perfect time to use the bow. As far as equipment is concerned, we recommend using Zwickey small game heads to stop arrows on impact but if you don't want to spend too much money you can use Easton Carbon Epic for compounds and for re-curve we recommend using cheap wood arrows.

Moving on to red squirrels, the situation is slightly different. They prefer big evergreens and they aren't very weary. They are however quite aggressive which at least theoretically, make them easier to take down with a bow. When you invade their privacy and get into their territory, they will spot you and will start barking in an aggressive matter and in some cases; the red squirrel will come down from a tree in your direction. It is recommended not to get closer than 30 yards although these birds aren't very bright but better safe than sorry.

Don't forget about the camo clothing because it is a crucial part of your equipment. Another aspect a bow hunter must take into consideration is to obtain the permission to hunt in the area where there is a large population of grey/red squirrels. Don't forget your binoculars and a rifle, just in case you get tired of using the rudimentary old-fashioned bow.

All things considered, squirrel bow hunting can be a very fruitful hunting experience if you pack yourself with tones of patience and have a lot of time as this method requires meticulously thought hunting schemes that not many people can follow.

Squirrels Bow Hunting Videos