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Tips On Squirrel Hunting

A experienced hunter of any type of animal will, over a period of time, attain a level of proficiency that enables him to be highly successful in the pursuit of his chosen prey; those that track the squirrel are certainly no exception. There are many squirrel hunting techniques which can be passed onto fellow hunters by the seasoned experts, little individual methods that regularly succeed and can make all the difference.

Essentially, there are two basic ways of hunting the squirrels, either sitting around and waiting for them to give away their location, or stalking them, actually identifying a target and following it until it offers a clear shot. In both cases a large amount of patience needs to be displayed. One of the more obvious tips on squirrel hunting is to distinguish the environment in which they are likely to inhabit, which very often will be oak, walnut, or mulberry trees.
A squirrel can sit motionless for hours at a time, so it can be a frustrating time, but perseverance is the key. Look out for chewed nut or pine shells which will be a clear indication of their presence in the vicinity. Listen for their distinctive chattering, especially during the seasons when the trees and woodland areas that they frequent are heavily in foliage. During these times it can be practically impossible to see the creatures high up amongst the branches, so it requires a sharp eye to spot the movement of the leaves and a good ear to recognize the snapping of twigs.

Movement through the forest or wood should be done very slowly, maybe only taking three or four steps at a time, before stopping and listening intensely before continuing. It can be a painstaking procedure, but a worthwhile one in the long run. Learning the squirrel's feeding pattern is crucial, as naturally this gives the hunter the best opportunities. They tend to be very early rises, so daybreak is undoubtedly one of the best periods in which to catch them, together with late afternoon and early evening, when they venture out again.

A hunter should never hurry his shot and should always refrain from attempting to aim at a moving target. They dart about so quickly that it is almost impossible to be accurate. Wait for the moment they allow themselves to be seen stationary, which may only be fleeting, hence the need for patience. Another of the favorite squirrel hunting tricks is to hunt in pairs and try and deceive the animal. One person can circle the tree, noisily disturbing the branches - this will cause the hiding squirrel to flee to the other side of the tree, or even jump to a corresponding one. This will give a perfect opportunity for the second person to get a clean shot.

Many inexperienced hunters make some basic mistakes over and over again, often through restlessness, which can lead to a lot of frustration. By adopting techniques which have been tried and tested by the more knowledgeable and practiced hunters, you will not only find that you can become more successful, but also that you derive more enjoyment from the pursuit.