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How To Call A Squirrel

There are many techniques used in the hunting of squirrels, but all will need extreme patience above all else. Squirrel calling is a vital component in the armoury of any competent hunter and although it does meet with scepticism from some quarters, there is genuine evidence that it does definitely work. It is possible to purchase products from recognised retailers, but they can be created just as easily as a do-it-yourself version.

There are several sounds that the animal makes, so it is crucial to establish how to call a squirrel and therefore know precisely the noises that are required, to give yourself the best opportunity of a successful hunt. Within the squirrels vocabulary there are barks which actually resembles a kind of ticking sound, plus chatters, screeches, squeals, squeaks, wheezes and chirps, so it is essential that the right cry is used at the right time.

Many people are able to imitate the barks and the chirps, but struggle when it comes to the high pitched squeals and squeaks, however there are several ingenious ideas that seem to have the desired effect. A hollow corn cob, loaded with a sharpened stick and one end flattened off, if it is then scraped on a piece of shale it gives a strikingly similar noise to those used by a distressed young squirrel. Alternatively, find 2 table tennis sized balls and by clicking them together in the hands it can develop into a remarkably similar sound to that of the squirrel bark.

These calls will alert the curious animals and very often they will return the call, straight away revealing their location. It should then be followed up by gathering leaves and thrashing them about to give the impression of a predator in the area - this will have the effect of bringing about a chorus of barks and squeaks from those in the vicinity. This enables even greater accuracy in identifying their position. If a squirrel is shot then it should be followed up with another round of calls, which is likely to prompt any other squirrels nearby, to come out and find out what exactly is occurring, thus giving the hunter a further opportunity.

One of the more difficult squirrel calling techniques is the use of the cutter call, which lures the animal out even after they have been spooked. This consists of applying pressure to a plastic mouth paddle against a plastic screw, approximately 10 minutes after the squirrel was shot off. This creates a loud popping sound which has an uncanny resemblance to a squirrel eating a nut. This will trick them into believing that the surroundings are once again safe to venture out into and continue feeding.

The squirrel can be cajoled from the safety of its environment by using the calling process, but they do possess a greater intelligence than some of the other woodland creatures, so they will not always fall for the impression, but perseverance will bring positive results over time.

Squirrel Calling Videos