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White Squirrel

This type of squirrel is extremely rare, some locations in which such animals can be found are: Tennessee (about 200 albino squirrels), many people say that this is the "home" of white squirrels. Residents of Vancouver say that white squirrels were brought in 1869 by a gypsy caravan. Another important white squirrels location is in Illinois, also known as the "Home of the White Squirrels".

Although officially Illinois has the biggest population of white squirrels, Marionville claims to own the record for the largest population of such squirrels (between 300 and 600). An interesting fact regarding Marionville, regular gray squirrels are captured and kicked out so that only the albino squirrels remain.

In Exeter, Ontario, there are a few white squirrels which aren't albinos due to the fact that their eyes are dark.

White Squirrel Photos