Interesting Squirrel Facts

Red Squirrel Facts
Red Squirrel Facts . Red squirrels are members of the rodent family, typically with a head and body length between 205mm and 220mm and a tail averaging 180mm.

. The red squirrel's drey is built from sticks and moss and is usually at least 6 meters off the ground.

. Red squirrels can live up to 5 or 6 years.

. The kittens are born blind, without teeth or hair and the mother takes full responsibility for their weaning.

. The red squirrel moults its coat twice a year, although the ear tufts and tail only moult once, in the autumn.

. Red squirrels can have 2 litters per year, usually in March and July, producing 3 or 4 kittens in each, with a gestation period of between 36 and 42 days.

Gray Squirrel Facts
Gray Squirrel Facts . The gray squirrel can leap more than 7 meters.

. The gray squirrel sweats when it's hot or excited, with the sweat glands located in the feet.

. The habitat of the gray squirrel is usually in woods and parkland of both deciduous and coniferous trees.

. The gray squirrel is at its most active at dusk and dawn when it goes foraging for whatever seeds, shoots or fruits are in season.

. Gray squirrels have small thumbs on their front paws to enable them to securely hold their food.

. Gray squirrels can be preyed on by foxes, owls, raccoons, hawks, and possums.

. Gray squirrels are usually solitary creatures, but in the winter months they will often share nests to generate warmth.

. Gray squirrels are prone to suffering from mange brought on by mites which can leave them nearly bald temporarily.

Black Squirrel Facts
Black Squirrel Facts . The black squirrel is thought to represent just 1 in 10,000 of all squirrels in North America, making them extremely rare.

. Black squirrels can be found in large numbers throughout Ontario, as well as in certain parts of Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin.

. It is said that most American citizens have never actually set eyes on a black squirrel.

. The black squirrels that can be seen roaming the grounds of the White House in Washington D.C. are descendants of 18 black squirrels that were exported from Ontario in the early 1900's.

. Black squirrels, despite being considered a separate species, are in fact gray squirrels in a different color phase.

. The black squirrel is the official mascot of Haverford College in the United States, and specifically the varsity athletics team.

White / Albino Squirrel Facts
White Squirrel Facts . In the wild white squirrels rarely survive too long as their coloring hampers their ability to hide from predators.

. There is often a greater chance of finding white squirrels in the grounds of a campus as it is a safer environment for them to live.

. The reason the white squirrel's fur is such a color is due to a variation in the production of melanin. A significant reduction will give the animal a white coat.

. The white squirrel capital of the world is in Olney, Illinois, where there is a huge thriving colony.

. The main difference between albino and white squirrels is the eye color, with Albinos having pink or blue eyes, whilst the white squirrels have black.
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