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Squirrel Hunting Dogs

Squirrel hunting can be a very exciting and entertaining adventure but as most of you know squirrels are very fast and clever animals so hunting them can be very difficult. With a little help from your dog you might end up catching a few of these animals. Below is a list of popular squirrel hunting dogs.
Black Mouth Cur
Recommended for squirrel, bear, boar, deer and raccoon hunts. An interesting fact about this dog is that he never retreats. This dog is also efficient for baying and treeing. Some dogs are born with a heavier coat while others are born with a lighter one. This difference between coats can appear even in the same litter.

Rat Terrier
The Rat Terrier is a loving and alert dog. Those who like an energetic dog will like the Rat Terrier as this affectionate dog is a great companion. These dogs are good with children, especially if they socialize when they are pups. The Rat Terrier is friendly with strangers and they are only a bit territorial. Very playful and quick dogs. This dog is a easy to groom breed, occasional brushing is necessary.

Walker Coonhound
Although these dogs are primarily used for hunting purposes they have proved to be very good companion dogs. Due to the fact that they are very fast, many experienced hunters affirm that they are the best when it comes down to squirrel and raccoon hunting. They have a highly developed sense of smell.

Airedale Terrier
The Airedale Terrier is an intelligent and loyal dog which will do everything in his power to pleasure its master. This dog is good with children if the dog socializes with them from an early age. This dog needs respect as well as love. He gets along with other household cats as well as other animals but he has the tendency to dominate other dogs.
German Hunt Terrier
It is a very intelligent animal, eager to work on a daily basis. Very fast animals that need a lot of exercise as they were bred primarily for hunting and sporting events. They are known to be very efficient while hunting squirrels, wild boars, deer and rabbit. This dog won't give up without a fight.
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