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Squirrel Clothing

Choosing the most appropiate clothing for a squirrel hunting adventure shouldn't be a very difficult thing to do but many hunters complain about the new safety regulations that obligate hunters to wear orange clothing which makes the entire hunting adventure way more difficult due to the main reason that squirrels can see colors; although these animals don't get alert due to the orange color, they get alert once they see the material. For this particular reason, it is recommended not to wear a vest or hat that is made with shiny orange nylon. Instead, it is advisable to pick orange garments made with a softer material that doesn't reflect as much light.
It is also recommended to avoid orange on arms and legs mainly because these are the parts of the body that move the most. These small details can have a huge impact on the overall hunting efficiency so try to take into consideration our instructions. For a squirrel hunting adventure, hunters don't need special clothing but it is highly recommended to wear camo clothing to blend in with the environment so that the squirrels won't get too suspicious. However, a vest or a game belt is recommended in order to carry the victims in.

When picking the squirrel clothing, you must consider the purpose of the clothing: do you want to stay dry and warm? Do you need camo clothing in order to blend in more naturally with the scenery? Are you trying to block scent? By answering these questions you will know which clothing products you must buy and which you mustn't. For a quick and easy comparison, we recommend making a small list of the items you need.

Where to shop? You have two possibilities: your local store or online. We totally recommend purchasing from online shops as they have lower price on the exact same products. If however you find a product that isn't in stock you must make a request and as soon as possible you will have your pre-ordered product. It is fast, easy and reliable. Don't forget about the sizing.

High quality squirrel hunting clothing must meet some (ideally all) of the below mentioned requirements:

- Price - not too cheap but also not too expensive, somewhere in between the min-max price range.

- Comfort - the hunter must feel comfortable wearing the clothes, even after hours of hunting.

- Weight - as light as possible so that the hunter can easily move, crawl, and run.

- Quality - durable, resistant, versatile.

- Environment - camo is obligatory so that the hunter will have a "natural look".

Top 5 Amazon Squirrel Hunting Clothing

Since looking for quality squirrel clothing usually takes a lot of time, the team behind SquirrelHuntingInfo has researched and gathered some of the top products found on - one of the biggest online shops in the world as you already might know.