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Squirrel Skinning

If you are a DIY kind of person you have come to the right place. Skinning a squirrel isn't as hard as many have imagined but it takes time and patience. We will start our guide by making a small list of the items required for this procedure: 1x dead squirrel, 1x sharp knife, 1x lb of salt, 2x rags, 1x cutting board.
The very first thing you must do is to spread the squirrel's legs as flat as possible. Rigor mortus might have set in so you will have to be patient while spreading the limbs. Next drive the knife back towards the squirrel's anus. You might need to turn the knife over so that it will help break the skin after you get a cut started. After doing so, start peeling the back skin from the animal's body. It might be easier to pull it at a right angle and also to make things easier, you should wiggle the knife around under the skin so that it will part from the flesh.

When you have reached the legs area, you will have to slit the skin from the body's center towards the feet area. You should make a circular cut around the wrist/ankle area to make this procedure less difficult. Now you need to cut the skin back from the neck below the squirrel's head in order to prepare it for the next step. Be careful while you are doing this, protect your fingers at all times. Once you have reached the tail, you will tug along the length of it and the tailbone should slide free.

Moving on, fat as well as other tissues left attached should be removed as they will rot, thus causing the pelt to decay over time. You have two options: cut the extras with a knife or salt them. If you choose the second option, you should know that after a day it will have a crust. The salt should be removed and, as gently as possible, scrape the rest of the remaining fat. It is recommended to repeat this procedure until the pelt is dried out.

This technique isn't the fastest but if done properly it can bring the expected results. We advise you to take things nice and slow and follow our instructions one by one and we can assure you that the skinning process will be a success. If you find this procedure too difficult you can always call in a specialist.

Squirrel Skinning Videos