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Squirrel Hunting Calls

For the squirrel hunter, the call is an indispensable tool to aid them in their pursuit of the little fury creatures. These calls can be purchased through various expert manufacturers and distributors. They will all imitate a quirrel call sound, which might be a chatter, bark, or squeal. They are also able to mimic the distress call of the baby squirrel, with a high pitched cry.

The squirrel calls are basically hand-operated devices, working via a straight forward set of rubber bellows. Others come complete with a handy whistle, which when blown into, resemble the noises that are made specifically by the Gray squirrel.

There are certain squirrel calls which are particularly helpful for the beginner, as they have an extremely useful instructional CD accompanying them. They contain significant video footage and intriguing tips and techniques, giving expert tuition regarding the inner workings of instruments, which, when used correctly, can copy the sounds of various members of the species. They also have the added advantage of being able to function in any weather conditions, which is always a bonus.

However, probably the ultimate in squirrel hunting calls are those which are multi-functional. There are some versions which have been developed to be a four-in-one device. They have the practicality to create four clear cut calls: the bark, the chatter, the alarm squeal, and the distress cry. These require very little effort to operate and more importantly have a high success rate.

Top 5 Amazon Squirrel Calls

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